Re-imagining migration partnerships:
challenges, opportunities and strategies

19 – 20 October 2021

Join us for two days of intensive discussions revisiting the concept of migration partnership in light of current dynamics, including the roles of migration diplomacy, whole-of-route approaches and solidarity to address joint challenges and foster innovative solutions.

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Given the continued challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, including its implications for migration, employment and recovery – and the pre-existing trends it has accelerated – there is fresh urgency for both dialogue and collective action. We at ICMPD recognise that international partnerships are vital to address current and anticipated challenges, and are pleased to utilise this year’s VMC as a platform to explore cooperation across migration routes. 

The VMC2021 will feature opening sessions focus on current priorities, such as addressing displacement from Afghanistan and the need to create functioning, sustainable African-European migration partnerships. The subsequent panel discussions explore the realities along the key routes to Europe; crisis management at the external border; the future of the European Union amidst a turbulent geopolitical scene; and final reflections on the road ahead in this highly sensitive area of international relations.

This year’s VMC will take on a hybrid format.


Karl Nehammer
Federal Minister of the Interior

Selmo Cikotic
Minister of Security
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Notis Mitarachi
Minister for Migration and Asylum

Péter Szijjártó
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade

HE Najla El Mangoush
Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

HE Amira El Fadil
Commissioner for Health, Humanitarian Affairs and Social Development
African Union Commissi

Monika Sie Dhian Ho
General Director
Clingendael Institute

Duncan Robinson
Brussels bureau chief and Charlemagne columnist
The Economist

Caroline de Gruyter
Correspondent for European Affairs
NRC Handelsblad

ICMPD strives to ensure an inclusive working environment and be attentive to gender diversity and plurality of voices represented in our initiatives.
When this is not reflected in our events, it is due to the unavailability of speakers or challenges in identifying suitable profiles in our network.

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