VMC2021 Conference Report

Access our VMC2021 conference report at the below link and discover impressions, key insights and reflections on the future of migration partnerships that emerged during two days of lively debates on how to deliver better migration outcomes in a changing world.

Every autumn, ICMPDs annual flagship event provides an indispensable opportunity for thought leaders, decision-makers and frontrunners in the migration sphere to convene, connect and engage in high-level discussions on migration in Europe and beyond. 

Making use of ICMPD’s wide-ranging expertise and global network, the VMC convenes politicians, senior officials, experts and practitioners from governments, international organisations, civil society, academia, the private sector and the media to debate the most burning issues of migration governance.

The 6th edition of the VMC took place on 19-20 October 2021 in Vienna’s historic city centre. It featured 9 sessions with 34 speakers; around 150 people participated in person and more than 1,300 joined virtually. Over two days of lively discussions, high-level panellists zoomed in on an array of pressing issues: the situation in Afghanistan and along key migration routes; geopolitical challenges and the instrumentalisation of migrants and refugees; and the fallout of the global pandemic on society and the economy.

Read the full conference report here.



6 takeaways for re-imagining migration partnerships

By Caitlin Katsiaficas and Justyna Segeš Frelak

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Consensus, concession and compromise – taking migration partnerships to the next level

By Martin Hofmann

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Committing to partners, staying flexible on the issues

By Sarah Schlaeger and Marissa Weigle

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